V.A. - 'Pop Punk Nuggets Vol. 1' CD

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V.A. - 'Pop Punk Nuggets Vol. 1'  CD


30 track compilation in full coloured 7? poster sleeve
1. Stricklands: I'm a rocker 2. Naked: Change your mind 3. Curlee Wurlee: Le climat tempere 4. Hawaiians: Blitzkrieg rockin doll 5. Reekys: I don't wanna leave the sidewalk 6. Nimrods: She's addicted to the space invaders 7. Chromosomes: Wonder boy 8. Lullabelles: Not your girl 9. Teen Sensation Glasses: Chick magnet 10. Spacepets: Together 11. Hextalls: Mario Lemieux 12. Groovie Ghoulies: Bye bye brain (live) 13. Flapman: Anew 14. Popsters: She's so nice 15. Bowlcuts: Walking after you 16. Los Putos: Monsters at the rocketstation 17. Stricklands: Hill valley rock 18. Sonic Dolls: I used to love you...now you suck 19. Nimrods: If you want 20. Dirtdykes: Leave me alone 21. Travoltas: Breakout 22. Naked: Solution 23. Surfin' Lungs: Surfin' Chinese 24. Fifi and the Mach 3: Alien 25. Bowlcuts: I like the way you walk 26. Hawaiians: Bigfoot crush 27. Flakes: Sweet criminal 28. Barbecuties: Cruisin' down the highway of love 29. Romeros: Dee dee left home 30. Youth Gone Mad feat. Dee Dee Ramone: Jam

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