V.A. 'The History Of Blue Beat – BB76 – BB100' 3-CD

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V.A. 'The History Of Blue Beat – BB76 – BB100'  3-CD


the 4th 3-CD collection for budget price features Blue Beat Singles from 1962

track list:
Disc :
1 Derrick Morgan:Sunday monday
2 Derrick Morgan:Be still
3 Bobby Kingdom & The Blue Beats:Spanish town twist
4 Bobby Kingdom & The Blue Beats:Brand new Automobile
5 Jimmy Cliff Cavaliers Combo:I'm sorry
6 The Blue Beats:Roarin'
7 Girl Satchmo & The Blue Beats:Twist around town
8 Girl Satchmo & The Blue Beats:My new honey
9 Winston & Roy with Count Ossie:Babylon gone
10 Count Ossie (feat. Reco & Gaynair):First gone
11 Eric Morris Busters Group:Sinners repent and pray
12 Eric Morris Busters Group:Now and forever more
13 Derrick Morgan with Busters Group:Don't you know little girl
14 B. Gabbidon with Busters Group:Hully Gully Miss Molly
15 Eric Morris Busters Group:Money can't buy life
16 A. Ellis Busters Group:True love
17 Laurel Aitken & The Blue Beats:Back to New Orleans
18 Laurel Aitken & The Blue Beats:Brother David

Disc 2:
1 Derrick Morgan Busters Group:Come on over
2 Derrick Morgan Busters Group:Come back my darling
3 Errol Dixon & His Back Beats:Bad bad woman
4 Errol Dixon & His Back Beats:Early this morning
5 Theo Beckford:Walking down King Street
6 Theo Beckford with Dee's Group:The clock
7 Lloyd Flowers with Reco's Rhythm Group:I'm going home
8 Lloyd Flowers with Reco's Rhythm Group:Lovers town
9 The Echoes Celestials:Are you mine
10 The Echoes Celestials:I love forever
11 Rupert Edwards:Guilty convict
12 Rupert Edwards:Just because
13 Owen Grey Busters Group:Millie girl
14 Derrick Morgan Busters Group:Headache
15 Clive Bailey Recho's Blues Group:Evening train
16 Clive Bailey Recho's Blues Group:Take me home

Disc 3:
1 Bobby Aitken Group:Never never
2 Derrick Morgan Busters Group:Isabella
3 Derrick Morgan & Yvonne:Meekly wait
4 Derrick Morgan & Yvonne:Day in day out
5 Higgs and Wilson:How can I be sure
6 Higgs and Wilson:Mighty man
7 Owen & Millie with the City Slickers:Sit and cry
8 Owen & Millie with the City Slickers:Do you know
9 Derrick & Patsy with the Drumbago All Stars:Love not to brag
10 Drumbago All Stars:Ducksoap
11 Kent & Jeanie & The City Slickers:Daddy
12 Kent & Jeanie & The City Slickers;Hello love
13 Lloyd Clark Smithie's Sextet:Good morning
14 Lloyd Clark Smithie's Sextet:Now I know the reason
15 Derrick Morgan:In my heart
16 Bell's Group:Kingston 13

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