Aitken, Laurel 'Boogie In My Bones – The Early Years 1957-60' CD

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Aitken, Laurel 'Boogie In My Bones – The Early Years 1957-60'  CD


28 track compilation that highlights the Mento and raw R&B flavoured recordings that established him as Jamaica’s first singing superstar

track list:
1. Mass Charlie (The Prisoners Song)
2. They Got It (Ghana Independence)
3. Calypso Rock And Roll
4. Nightfall In Zion (Aka Roll River Jordan)
5. Nebuchenezer
6. Sweet Chariot
7. The Walls Of Jericho (feat. His Calypso Band)
8. Rege Dega Ding (feat. His Calypso Band)
9. Aitkens Boogie
10. Cherrie
11. Whole Lotta Rock (feat. The Boogie Cats)
12. Come Back Jeannie (feat. The Boogie Cats)
13. Boogie Rock (feat. The Boogie Cats)
14. Heavenly Angel (feat. The Boogie Cats)
15. Tribute To Collie Smith (feat. The Boogie Cats)
16. Baba Kill Me Goat (feat. The Boogie Cats)
17. Boogie In My Bones (feat. The Caribs)
18. Little Sheila (feat. The Caribs)
19. Honey Girl (feat. The Caribs)
20. Drinkin Whisky (feat. The Caribs)
21. If Its Money You Need
22. Jeannie Is Back
23. Low Down Dirty Girl (feat. Ken Richards And Harmonisers)
24. Yea Yea Baby (feat. Ken Richards And Harmonisers)
25. Judgment Day (feat. Ken Richards And Harmonisers)
26. More Whisky (feat. Ken Richards And Harmonisers)
27. Stars Were Made
28. Love Me Baby

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