Joy, Benny 'Benny Joy Story: Crash The Party' 3-CD

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Joy, Benny 'Benny Joy Story: Crash The Party'  3-CD


three CD box set containing all 76 selections from the five LP series, plus a luxe twenty page booklet all adoringly presented in a form-fitting slipcase for the true connoisseur… feat. all of the Tampa rebel rocker’s 1957 to 1961 output plus unreleased gems!

Disc: 1
1. Crash the Party
2. Little Girl, Little Girl
3. Wild Wild Lover
4. Stompin'
5. Bundle of Love
6. Steady with Betty
7. In Study Hall
8. Miss Bobby Sox
9. Button Nose
10. Ittie Bittie Everything
11. Memory of Memories
12. I Remember Darling
13. We'll Meet Again
14. Don't Forget About Me
15. Spin the Bottle
16. Rollin' to the Jukebox Rock
17. Hey... High School Baby
18. Let's Be Friends
19. If I Had You
20. Money Money
21. Night Owl
22. Talkin' About It
23. If You Were Mine
24. Ittie Bittie Everything
Disc: 2
1. Little Red Book
2. Crash the Party
3. Forever, Now or Never
4. Gossip Gossip Gossip
5. I'm Doubtful of Your Love
6. Hold My Hand
7. She Cried for Me
8. I'm Gonna Move
9. Wild Wild Lover
10. Nowhere
11. Crash the Party [Long Version]
12. Hey...High School Baby
13. I Really Really Care
14. Miss Bobby Sox
15. Kiss Me
16. Spin the Bottle
17. Steady with Betty
18. Don't Make a Fool of Me Baby
19. Don't Boo Hoo Mary Lou
20. If You Were Mine
21. Lucky Little Old Me
22. Only One
23. Bundle of Love
24. Dearest Darling
25. Kiss Me
Disc: 3
1. Wild Wild Lover
2. Come Back
3. I'll Never Have the One I Love
4. Hey...High School Baby
5. Rollin' to the Jukebox Rock
6. Dream, A Hope, A Love
7. Button Nose
8. Cutie Pie
9. I'm Doubtful of Your Love
10. Gypsy Woman
11. I'm Gonna Move
12. Rebel Rock
13. Love Zone
14. Instead of Me
15. I'll Never Have the One I Love
16. Only Time Will Tell
17. (What'll I Do) Call the Zoo
18. Follow Your Heart
19. I Never Want to See You Again
20. Eyes of Tears
21. Bring Me Back My Love
22. Only Time Will Tell
23. Forever, Now or Never
24. How Could Someone So Good Turn out So Bad?
25. Give Me Back My Heart
26. Queen of My Heart
27. Touchdown

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