Bo, Eddie 'In The Pocket With...' CD

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Bo, Eddie 'In The Pocket With...'  CD


New Orleans rock&roll, r&b, soul & funk goodies 1955-2007

track list:
1. Baby (Little Bo)
2. We Like Mambo (Eddie Bo)
3. I Found A Little Girl (Eddie Bo)
4. Something You Got (Barbara George)
5. Gotta Have More (Eddie Bo & The Barons)
6. Fallin' In Love Again (Eddie Bo)
7. S.G.B. (Eddie Bo)
8. Souling (Eddie Lang)
9. Whats Good To You Pt.1 (Oliver Morgan)
10. The La La Man Pt.1 (Oliver Morgan)
11. Boogaloo Mardy Grass Pt 1 (Bobby Williams)
12. Horse With A Freeze Pt.1 (Roy Ward)
13. Timber Pts 1 & 2 (Candy Phillips)
14. Can I Be Your Main Squeeze (Chuck Garbo & The Soul Finders)
15. I'm A Carpenter Pt 1 (David Robinson)
16. Garden Of Our Trees (Explosions Feat. Juanita Brooks)
17. Reborn (Marilyn Barbarin)
18. Lover & Friend (Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham)
19. Live It Up (James K-Nine)
20. Can You Handle It (Eddie Bo)
21. Mama Here Comes The Preacher (Doug Anderson)
22. Check Your Bucket (Eddie Bo)
23. Funky Yeah (Curley Moore & The Cool Ones)
24. Getting To The Middle Pt.1 (Eddie Bo)
25. Shelley's Rubber Band (Curley Moore & The Cool Ones)
26. The Rubber Band (Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders)
27. When The Fingers On The Funk (Eddie Bo)
28. Chained (Eddie Bo)

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