Diplomats Of Solid Sound 'What Goes Around Comes Around' CD

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Diplomats Of Solid Sound 'What Goes Around Comes Around'  CD


new studio album for US ambassadors of funk & soul produced by Lack of Afro (Freestyle Records)'

The DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND are back with their 5th full-length, and if the last album was their senior effort, with “What Goes Around Comes Around” the band has officially graduated! Once again mixed and edited by Freestyle’s boy wonder Adam Gibbons aka Lack Of Afro and featuring The Diplomettes on vocals, the cuts included here are a strong showcase of the growing maturity and sophistication of the group. From the sing-along chorus of opening track “B-O-O-G-A-L-O-O”, to the smooth soul number that gives the album its title, the uptempo “Back Off”, or the instrumental groover “Bailout”, “What Goes Around Comes Around” draws on a variety of styles but always keeping things soulful and funky!

track list:
1. B-o-o-g-a-l-o-o
2. Back Off
3. Promise Of A Brand New Day
4. Gimme One More Chance
5. No Man
6. Fascination
7. Bailout!
8. Jealous
9. What Goes Around Comes Around
10. I Can’t Wait For Your Love (Pistol Allen)
11. Get Out Of The Way (So I Can Get Back To My Life)

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