V.A. 'Buzzsaw Joint Cut 5 – Sophisticated Savage' LP

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16 Exotica, Jukebox R&B, Jump Blues, Rockabilly killer-no-filler tracks

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V.A. 'Buzzsaw Joint Cut 5 – Sophisticated Savage'  LP


Buzzsaw Joint was born of a club offering Londoners the chance to revel in the sounds of good ol’ trashy rock’n’roll in all its vintage vinyl forms. Club top-cat, Fritz, then took the primitive Buzzsaw sounds online with a series of savage Mixcloud mixes created by record fiends from all over the globe. Now, the high-octane energy of Buzzsaw Joint has manifested into the physical form with a run of compilations on Stag-O-Lee. Get your ears around the wild’n’weird sounds of the extraordinary and inimitable Buzzsaw Joint!
There’s something goin’ on down here in these parts. It’s put a buzzing in my head, a thumping in my heart. Buzzsaw Joint is back with a fifth cut and this time a Swedish selector wields the blade. DJ Sophisticated Savage first began sharing his wares in a Stockholm Tiki bar, which explains the raft of exotic sounds found on this compilation. But that’s not all, add rock, roll, R&B and soul to the list. What’s consistent from start to finish is the quality and obscurity of the selections. Open your ears wide and enjoy the ride.

Side A
1. Bill Springer - Jungle Love (Bilbo) 1962
2. Stick Evans - Look What You Do To Me (Soul) 1961
3. Herb Zane - The Persians Twist (Music Maestros) 1962
4. The Starfires - Desert Caravan (College) 1962
5. The Kingston Trio - CooCoo-U (Capital) 1959
6. The Don Schraier Rocktet - Zei Gezunt (Crystalette) 1957
7. The Metallics - Get Lost (Baronet) 1962
8. Blues Blenders - Toot Over (Chris) 1962
Side B
1. Jimmy Uke and his Islanders - Hawaiian People Eater (Hurrah) 1962
2. The Demons - El Lobo (Gemco) 1962
3. Jimmie Raye - Hey Lets Dance (Satan) 1962
4. Doodie Woo - Certingly I do (Aura) 1962
5. Melvin Smith - Zaki Sue (Cameo) 1958
6. Rhythmaires - Screw Driver (Rhythm) 1957
7. Ray Johnson - Hit ‘N Miss (Glam) 1957
8. The Scholars - Kan-Gu-Wa (Imperial) 1957

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