V.A. 'Mash It' 2-CD

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the sequel to Youths Boogie: 50 track 2-CD

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V.A. 'Mash It' 2-CD


the sequel to Youths Boogie: 50 track 2-CD feat. 32 early AJ R&B and ska tracks by Laurel Aitken, Higgs & Wilson, Derrick Morgan, Jimmy Cliff, Lloyd Clarke, Owen Gray and many more pioneers of JA music!

1. Love Me Baby (Laurel Aitken)
2. Manny, Oh (Higgs and Wilson)
3. The Hop (Derrick Morgan)
4. Sitting Square (Chuck and Dobby)
5. Don’t You Know (The Moonlighters)
6. Omara Special (Rico)
7. Dearest Beverley (Jimmy Cliff)
8. Pretty Baby (Higgs and Wilson)
9. Love You The Most (Lloyd Clarke)
10. Please Don’t Talk About Me (Derrick Morgan)
11. Patricia (Darling Patricia) (Owen Gray)
12. Rico Special (Rico)
13. Miss Jamaica (Jimmy Cliff)
14. Change Of Mind (Higgs and Wilson)
15. Cherry Home (Derrick Morgan)
16. It Is A Day (Higgs and Wilson)
17. Julie (The Moonlighters)
18. Continental Shuffle (Rico)
19. Sha Ba Da (Higgs and Wilson)
20. I’m Free (Jimmy Cliff)
21. You Said You Loved Me (Lloyd Robinson)
22. Sweeter Than Honey (Chuck and Dobby)
23. Girls Rush (Lloyd Clarke)
24. Gypsy Woman (Derrick and Patsy)
25. Gees Boogie (Rico’s Combo)

1. Mash It (Parts 1 and 2) (Owen Gray)
2. Walking Down King Street (Walking Down the Street) (Theo Beckford)
3. Boogie Rock (Laurel Aitken)
4. Give Me Back (My Dough) (Derrick and Patsy)
5. Behold! (Blues Busters)
6. Bridge View (aka Bridgeview Shuffle) (Roland Alphonso)
7. Jacqueline (Al T Joe)
8. It’s No Infatuation (Jimmy Sinclair)
9. Give Me All Your Love (The Continentals)
10. Gee Baby (Jimmy James)
11. Dear Hearts (The Edwards Group)
12. Marylee (Laurel Aitken)
13. Snappin’ Is Back (Theo Beckford)
14. I’m In Love With You (The Hi-Tones)
15. Darling You’re So Fine (Danny and The Echos)
16. Little Vilma (Blues Busters)
17. Naked Earth (King Pioneer All Stars)
18. I’ll Always Call Your Name (Belltones)
19. Searchin’ (For You) (Top Grant)
20. I Want to Know (Beresford Ricketts)
21. No Money Down (Lloyd Williams)
22. Going Crazy (The Continentals)
23. I Wish Your Picture Was You (Lloyd Adams)
24. But Officer (Karl Walker)
25. The Clock (Sir Dee’s Group)

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