V.A. 'Stompin' 34' CD

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V.A. 'Stompin' 34'  CD


’23 more jumpin’ r’n’b pounders!’

track list:
Buster Smith - Til Broad Daylight
Buster Smith - That's Your Lovin' Baby
Blind Billy Tate - Love Is A Crazy Thing
Redd Foxx - Real Pretty Mama
Frank Motley - Honkin' At Midnight
Redd Foxx - Crazy House
Honey Brown - Ain't No Need
Peppy Prince - Ain't Nothing Shaking
Vicki Evans - Don't Talk That Talk To Me
Jack Mc Vea - Trying To Tell Ya
Jimmy Witherspoon - Move Me Baby
Johnny Davis - I'm A Wine Drinker
Terri Lee - My,My,My
Hen Gates - Flash
Dorothea Fleming - I'm Glad Your Leaving Me
Cousin Joe - Lookin' For My Baby
Terri lee - i'm no good to you
Griffin Bros - I Wanna Go Back
Jesse Allen - Let's Party
Edna McGriff - Ooh Little Daddy
Davey Jones - The Love I Missed
Ruben Siggers - Please Pretty Baby
Chuck Merrill - Strong Strong Man

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