V.A. 'Youth's Boogie' 2-CD

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V.A. 'Youth's Boogie'  2-CD


50 track 2-CD exploring the R&B influenced Jamaican music of 1959-62; Disc One showcases the work of Duke Reid and Chris Blackwell, whilst Disc Two looks at other producers vying to make a name for themselves in what is now regarded as the first chapter in the story of reggae

track list:
Disc 1:
1. Boogie in My Bones (Laurel Aitken)
2. Lover Boy (Derrick Morgan)
3. Please Let Me Go (Owen Gray)
4. What Makes Honey (Duke Reid)
5. Tell Me Darling (Wilfred Jackie Edwards)
6. Lost My Baby (The Blues Busters)
7. I Wanna Love (The Jiving Juniors)
8. Baby Baby Baby (Charlie Babcock)
9. Never Go Away (Wilfred Jackie Edwards)
10. One Kiss for My Baby (Lord Lebby)
11. Joker (Duke Reid)
12. Let the Good Times Roll (Derrick and Patsy)
13. Parapinto Boogie (Lloyd Clarke)
14. Midnight (Hortense Ellis)
15. My Sweet Angel (The Jiving Juniors)
16. Mitty Gritty (Ernest Ranglin)
17. I Feel Good (Owen Gray)
18. Marjorie (Alvin and Cecil)
19. Let's Go to the Party (Derrick and Patsy)
20. Slop 'n' Mash (The Jiving Juniors)
21. Blackberry Brandy (Roland Alphonso)
22. Morning Train (Errol Dixon)
23. Crazy Dog (The Beans)
24. Low Down Dirty Girl (Laurel Aitken)
25. Midnight Love (The Downbeats)
Disc 2
1. Running Around (Owen Gray)
2. Aitken's Boogie (Laurel Aitken)
3. Early One Morning (The Blues Busters)
4. Dumplins (Byron Lee and The Dragonaires)
5. Why Did You Leave Me (The Magic Notes)
6. We'll Meet (Roy and Millie)
7. I Pray for You (Derrick Morgan)
8. Crackers Rush (Bobby Aitken)
9. Dream Girl (Ricketts and Rowe)
10. If It's Money You Need (Laurel Aitken)
11. Palms of Victory (Azie Lawrence)
12. Mama Shut Your Door (Errol Dixon)
13. Joy Ride (Byron Lee and The Dragonaires)
14. Sugar Dandy (The Jiving Juniors)
15. Midnight Track (Owen Gray)
16. You Win (Whisky)
17. Let Me Dream (Alton and Eddy)
18. Going to Kansas City (Laurel Aitken)
19. Mash! Mr. Lee (Byron Lee and The Dragonaires)
20. Nobody Else (Owen Gray)
21. Fleet Street (Dimples and Eddie)
22. Youths Boogie (Rico's Combo)
23. Stop, Look and Listen (Al T Joe)
24. Misery (Lloyd Williams)
25. Worried Over You (Keith and Enid)

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